Aging and gravity affect us all – and all parts of our bodies. Skin sags, parts of the body begin to droop or fall a bit, and the skin does not look as young as it used to. While plastic surgery can help restore shape to the body, improve aesthetics […]

Take a good look at your face. What do you see? Are your eyelids drooping? If your eyelids are drooping and sagging and impeding your vision or making you look older or tired, it might be time to look (see what we did there?) at the blepharoplasty eyelid-lift procedure. If […]

Is your smartphone making your neck sag? A group of conditions commonly known as “tech neck,” caused by hunching over a computer keyboard or cell phone, can certainly cause pain and posture problems, but did you know your cell phone habit may also cause premature aging of the neck, loose […]

Typically used to treat the face, dermal fillers are also proving to be useful and popular for treating sagging upper arms, according to the New York Post.   What Causes Sagging Upper Arms?  Loose or sagging upper arm skin, also known as “bat wings,” occurs as a byproduct of the […]