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A woman wearing glasses and a yellow sweater holds her finger to her lips. The text reads, "Uncovering the Mewing Trend" and "Jack Peterson, M.D. Plastic Surgery.

In the world of social media, trends come and go faster than you can say “viral.” One such trend that took the internet by storm recently is “mewing.” But what exactly is mewing, and how did it become the latest obsession among teens and young adults? Let’s delve into this […]

A smiling woman with long brown hair rests her chin on her hand, next to text that says, "Age is just a number." Embracing the journey of aging gracefully, "Jack Peterson, M.D. Plastic Surgery" is printed in the bottom right corner.

Welcome to the fountain of youth, where the wrinkles are light-hearted anecdotes, and aging is just another adventure! Aging gracefully isn’t about turning back the clock; it’s about embracing the journey with confidence and vitality. At Dr. Jack Peterson’s, we understand the beauty of aging skin and offer a range […]

forehead reduction

Social media is packed with plastic surgery trends and filler crazes. In this blog, we look at the most recent fad growing in popularity: forehead reduction surgery, also known as brow-reduction surgery or natural hairline lowering. Is it safe? Does it work? What does “working” even mean in this situation? […]


Many people experience sagging skin in the face, neck and under the chin as they age. It’s a common consequence of getting older. But, just because it happens to just about everyone doesn’t mean you have to live with it.  Dr. Peterson offers patients a new way to fight sagging […]


The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is changing many things for our society. From social-distancing rules to canceling summer travel plans to mask mandates to how kids go to school to even how we shop for groceries, there’s no doubt that things are different, and they’re different here in our office, too. […]

Do you want an easy, effective and dynamic aesthetic solution to reduce the signs of aging? Does such a thing exist? It sure does! You can lift, tighten and smooth your face with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can also even reduce the appearance of future wrinkles. But how do you […]

Choosing a plastic surgeon is one of the most difficult and stressful parts of getting cosmetic surgery. The choice you make for your surgeon will influence your life for years to come, and whether or not that influence is a positive or negative one depends on the surgeon you choose. […]

It may seem as if there are hundreds of facial products and nonsurgical treatments making promises to reduce the signs of aging, claiming to be a “face-lift” in a bottle or capable of making wrinkles disappear without surgery. With all these nonsurgical options and products on the market that can […]

Have you had a face-lift? If so, we hope you love your results. You can keep enjoying your results and looking great in the future if you take some steps today to take care of your skin. Dr. Peterson offers patients some practical skin care tips to preserve both skin […]

Ever take a good look at a Roman or Greek statue at a museum? How about the portraits of famous leaders of history? Have you ever noticed the jaws of those depicted? They are often angular, strong and well-defined, right? For centuries, a sharp and defined jawline has been a […]