The Emotional Peaks and Valleys of Breast Reconstruction

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can feel like a life sentence, but it doesn’t have to be.  Research over time has indicated that having breast reconstructive surgery has helped many women surviving breast cancer retain their perceived quality of life and overall health.  This might seem counter-intuitive given that it entails additional surgery during or following a mastectomy, but many women, either consciously or unconsciously, consider their breasts to be part of their identity and femininity.  The leap to how this effects perceived quality of life and overall health is not very far when one considers the effect of depression on a wide variety of chronic diseases.  Dr. Jack Peterson is a cosmetic surgeon based out of Topeka, Kans., that specializes in breast reconstruction.

If you feel like you are no longer the same person without breasts, reconstruction is not a vanity surgery.  We aren’t talking about getting a “boob job” or getting the female equivalent of the midlife crisis Corvette.  We are talking about working with your oncologist side by side as a team to make sure that when the cancer is removed, your sense of self remains intact.

Dr. Peterson works with a number of oncologists to plan the surgical event or series of surgeries that will produce optimal results, but for patients who don’t opt for co-surgery, it’s never too late to get a separate breast reconstruction if you decide to do it down the road.  In addition to reconstructive surgery, Peterson recommends connecting with other breast cancer survivors to share experiences and support.

To inquire about breast reconstruction during or after mastectomy, contact our office at 785-234-9000.