Time to Talk About Tummy Tucks

The tummy tuck is a major surgery, but it is absolutely worth it to get the body you’ve worked hard to have. If you have come a long way through diet and exercise, the tummy tuck can make a big difference in your shape by removing stubborn fat from your midsection. But, before you decide on having the procedure, there are a few things you should know before your surgery that will help you achieve maximum results after your procedure. Dr. Peterson performs the tummy-tuck procedure, as well as other body-lift procedures such as the thigh-lift and the arm-lift, for patients in the Topeka area.

To get the most out of your tummy-tuck procedure, we recommend that you:

Time It Right. It is critical to have your tummy-tuck procedure at the right time: after you have reached your goal weight (or are close to it) and, for women, when you are done having children. Why are these considerations important to make?

Reaching your goal weight or being close to it is important because it will make surgery and recovery easier. Results will also be better than if you have a lot of unwanted fat to remove.

Waiting until you are done having children is also important because the results of the tummy-tuck procedure can be negatively affected by pregnancy. This is because as the pregnancy develops, the muscles of the abdomen that were tightened during the tummy tuck will separate, and the skin that was pulled tighter as part of the surgery will stretch out again.

Practice Healthy Habits. You are already on a good path of practicing healthy habits through eating a healthy diet and exercising to get to your target weight, and it is critical to stay on that path after surgery to maintain your results.

You should:

  • Avoid gaining weight. This is because additional weight will stretch out your skin, and while you can lose that weight again, your skin may not retract, and you will be left with loose skin around your midsection. 
  • Eat a healthy diet. Eating a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits and lean meats can help keep your weight in check. Avoid high-fat foods, fast food, soda and processed foods.
  • Keep moving. After your tummy tuck, once you are cleared by Dr. Peterson to begin exercising again, ease into your workout routine and find an activity you like to do. 
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Limiting your alcohol consumption for several weeks before and after your procedure will help minimize the risk of complications. 
  • Do not smoke. Just like limiting your alcohol consumption, you will also be asked to not smoke before or after your procedure. This is the best way you can maintain your tummy-tuck results and protect your health after surgery. Smoking impedes your body’s ability to heal itself. Smoking also damages your skin by destroying collagen, which means your skin will lose its firmness.

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