Aged Hands? Here’s How to Revitalize Them!

A lot of things change as we become older. That youthful glow that once eminated from our very pores begins to dim, leaving us feeling like life is leaving us behind. While many expect their face to take on a few wrinkles, or the gradual crawl of spider veins up our calves, our hands are a large part of our appearance and many are surprise to see the signs of aging appear there, as well. 

You use your hands daily, from combing your hair to typing across a keyboard to waving hello. The hands are a large part of our lives for obvious reasons and can easily reveal time’s steady march on our lives.

Although, if you happen to glance down at your wedding band and notice a few wrinkles have appeared, there is hope of reducing the unsightly appearance of wrinkles and increasing volume back into your skin. 

Home-Based Products to Restore Skin

You might think that using a loofah with your favorite body wash might be alright for scrubbing away dead skin every day, but it’s not enough to restore that youthful look. Here are a few home remedies you can use to make your hands look young again.

You can use creams that contain re-growth formulas to make your hands look young again, as well as using moisturizers to bring volume back to your hands. 

Avoid the Sun

One of the main ways to help your hands stay youthful is keeping them out of direct sunlight. You can ensure adequate protection for your hands by using sunscreen products with an SPF level of 15 or greater, as directed by the FDA. Be sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours and wear clothing and a hat to protect uncovered skin.

Wax-On Protection!

Wax can provide your hands with a layer of protection that is more durable than hand creams or moisturizers. 

The Restoring Power of Radiesse™!

If you want an easy and simple way of restoring the youth of your hands, then you can schedule an appointment to receive the restorative power of Radiesse™. 

Radiesse™ is a treatment that promotes restoring collagen in your body with a gel that contains calcium hydroxylapatite, which helps in structuring the muscles, to filtering your skin.

For more information about this treatment, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 785-234-9000.