What to Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery

You’ve researched your plastic surgery procedure, checked on your plastic surgeon to see if he or she is board certified and licensed to perform your plastic surgery, and you’ve even checked to see if your doctor has privileges at your local hospital. You’ve asked all the right questions – about the cost, recovery time and how to maximize your results. But have you asked your plastic surgeon for references? Find out why Dr. Peterson recommends that you ask (and contact) your plastic surgeon’s previous patients.


Why Should You Ask for References? The No. 1 reason you should ask for references from your plastic surgeon from patients who had the same procedure as you is to ensure his previous patients were satisfied with how their procedure or surgery was performed. Before and after pictures of the procedure are one thing, but getting to talk to a patient is another.

When Should I Ask My Plastic Surgeon to Provide References? We suggest asking potential providers during the consultation or interview process. Well-tenured and experienced plastic surgeons tend to have references at the ready for potential customers to contact. If a surgeon stalls or cannot produce references readily, consider this a sign that you may want to keep looking for a more experienced provider.

What Should I Ask the References? It’s not enough to ask for references; you need to take the time to call them, too. Topics you should ask about include patient care, bedside manner, experience, professionalism and how the person felt about their results after the procedure. Ask if they had any complications from their procedure and if they would use the same provider again for other surgeries.  

What Else Should I Ask? Ask your plastic surgeon to provide before and after images of patients who have had the procedure you are having. This will help you see their work and how patients healed after surgery.

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