Best Ways to Tighten the Skin

Struggling with sagging facial skin? Do you have jowls, wrinkles or creases? If you want to reverse the signs of facial aging, here’s good news: There are many options for surgical face-lifts, non-invasive facial tightening and even facial exercises that may help revitalize your appearance and smooth your skin. But how do you know what really works? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions heard by Dr. Peterson about which treatments achieve long-lasting results.

Do Facial Exercises Work?

While it is true that a recent study showed that performing specific facial exercises may help make the face look younger, these benefits are often very short term, and they take a long time to see. While working out facial muscles can help pull the skin a little tighter, making the same facial expressions repeatedly can lead to another cosmetic concern: wrinkles. Keep your working out in the gym where it belongs and consider a more long-term approach to improving signs of facial aging, such as a face-lift.

Do Non-Invasive Skin-Tightening Treatments Work?

There are many different non-invasive or minimally invasive skin-tightening treatments available to you, such as FaceTite or Thermage. These treatments do work to tighten loose skin and smooth lines and creases – but only in cases of mild to moderate wrinkles and sagging. More serious cases typically require surgical interventions to correct.

When Is the Right Time for a Face-Lift?

If you’re thinking about a face-lift, but you’re not sure if it is the right time, ask yourself these questions:

• Is my self-confidence suffering because I feel embarrassed about my appearance?
• Do I appear older than I am? 
• Do I have sagging skin, wrinkles, deep lines or creases?
• Do I have loose skin around my neck or jaw? 
• Are minimally invasive or over-the-counter treatments no longer working?

How Long Is the Recovery from a Face-Lift Surgery?

Most people return to their normal level of activity within two weeks. During your recovery, you should expect to take the first several days after your surgery to rest. You may also need help around the house with tasks, caring for small children or running errands, as you will likely be on pain medication and should not drive.

You can help facilitate a faster recovery by making sure you follow post-op instructions, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, and eat a healthy diet.

How Long Do the Results of a Face-Lift Last?

The results of face-lift surgery last for several years in most cases. Results can be prolonged if you avoid the sun or wear sunscreen regularly (in winter, too!), avoid smoking, limit alcohol consumption and live a generally healthy lifestyle. Some patients may need a touchup after a few years to maintain their results.

Additionally, combining minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation treatments such as laser skin procedures or fat transfers can help improve and prolong your results.

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