What to Expect After Expecting- Post Pregnancy Perspective

Nothing is ever quite the same after having a baby. Your house is a little messier, you get less sleep and, well, you have a new human to love and care for. 

After pregnancy, your body is never quite the same either. 

Your hips are a little bigger, you have stretch marks, your breasts may be slightly different, and things just don’t fit as well as they used to. 

Fortunately, there’s a treatment for that. This procedure, popularly known as the Mommy Makeover, can help get things back to what they were pre-baby. But, you still probably won’t get much sleep!

Dr. Peterson is a dual board-certified plastic surgeon and performs this procedure along with breast augmentation (breast implants), liposuction, thigh-lifts and facial procedures. We also offer injectables and other minimally invasive and non-invasive plastic and cosmetic procedures. 

What Happens to the Body as a Result of Pregnancy?

In this blog, the first thing we’ll do is talk about what happens to the body during pregnancy. We will also discuss some common side effects associated with being pregnant. After all, it would be pretty hard to enjoy motherhood if you weren’t feeling good physically. So let’s start by talking about how your body changes while you’re carrying another life inside of you. You can also check out this video from BabyCenter.

Pregnant Women Have Increased Blood Volume

When you become pregnant, did you know that your blood volume increases significantly? As a result, your heart has to work harder than usual to pump enough oxygenated blood throughout your entire system. This is why you might feel tired more often or even experience shortness of breath at times. You could also notice swelling in your hands and feet due to increased capillary pressure. These symptoms usually go away once you give birth. 

Changes in the Breasts

When you’re expecting, your breasts naturally grow larger. This happens because your milk glands produce extra hormones, which cause the breasts to grow. Most women report experiencing an increase in their bust size between six weeks and two months into their pregnancies. Some women say that their breasts double in size over time. And, since your nipples enlarge too, you might find yourself constantly needing to adjust bras and clothing sizes. 

After your pregnancy, you may notice a loss in breast tissue volume and that your breasts droop or sag. The Mommy Makeover surgery can help address changes in breasts after pregnancy and nursing with breast implants or other types of breast surgery. 

Stretch Marks

You know those lines on your stomach that appeared during your pregnancy? Those are called stretch marks. They happen when the skin stretches out from weight gain or other causes. Stretch marks tend to appear around your abdominal skin and along your thighs, but you might see them anywhere on your body. Some stretch marks fade, but some do not, making women feel self-conscious about the appearance of their midsection or other affected areas. 

Stubborn Fat After Pregnancy

Now that we’ve talked about what happens to your body during pregnancy, let’s talk about why stubborn pockets of fat tend to stick around postpartum. There are several reasons why this occurs. First off, your metabolism slows down slightly after childbirth. Second, that means you burn fewer calories each day. Finally, breastfeeding takes up a lot of energy. 

All of these factors combine to make it harder for you to lose weight. Not to mention, keeping up with kids is challenging and can mean less time for yourself in the gym or cooking healthy food. 

How Does a Mommy Makeover Surgery Work?

Now that we understand what happens to your body after having children, let’s look at how Mommy Makeovers work. Doctors perform procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, breast-lifts and abdominoplasty during a Mommy Makeover.

This is a plastic surgery procedure performed on women who want to look better or feel more confident about themselves postpartum. It typically involves breast augmentation, liposuction of the abdomen, tummy-tuck surgery and sometimes even eyelid surgery. These procedures will give moms their desired results in terms of appearance but also improve their self-esteem and confidence post-baby.

Mommy Makeover Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgeries done today. Women often choose this option because it gives them an instant boost in confidence as well as the curves they want. A Mommy Makeover breast augmentation helps restore a woman’s natural shape by adding volume to the breasts that may have been lost due to breastfeeding. Some women also opt for a breast-lift to lift the breasts higher — in many cases, the breasts sag after pregnancy and nursing. 

Mommy Makeover Liposuction

After having children, some areas of stubborn fat can cling to your stomach, thigh, buttocks and even your upper arms. Many women add liposuction to their Mommy Makeover package to remove unwanted fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise. Liposuction can be used to treat a range of body areas, including those we mentioned and fat deposits on the knees, face and chin. 

Mommy Makeover Tummy Tuck

The Mommy Makeover tummy tuck removes excess skin from the belly area and tightens muscles around the waistline. In addition to improving overall aesthetics, a Mommy Makeover tummy tuck can reduce abdominal bulges caused by pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, many patients find that these changes result in improved posture and greater comfort when wearing clothes.

How Long Does a Mommy Makeover Take?

Most Mommy Makeovers take between two and four hours to complete. During this time, surgeons perform several operations at once so that each patient has minimal downtime following their recovery period. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

Women interested in getting a Mommy Makeover should first consult with their general practitioner to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. For example, a Mommy Makeover could be ideal for someone whose weight gain during pregnancy resulted in large amounts of loose skin or for someone who wants to correct breasts that have become saggy due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Are you interested in a Mommy Makeover procedure or another type of body-lift? We’d love to talk! Call us now to schedule an initial consultation, review your medical history, develop a surgical plan and talk about your body goals.